UnOfficial August Meeting

The next official unofficial meeting will be August 19th at the
Colorado Steakhouse. We will start with dinner at 6:00 and spend the evening spreading tall tales and tiny bits of wisdom.

I am sure that Mike Donovan would like any program ideas you may have for this year’s meetings. For instance, suggestions of flies you would like to see tied, as always, I assure you someone in the club knows how to tie that pattern.

Hope to see you all on Tuesday, August 19th at he Colorado Steakhouse at 6:00.  If you are not an HFF member but have an interest in fly fishing, come on out and join us for the evening. We would be glad to meet you!


Annual HFF Picnic

The annual HFF picnic was a big success again with several club members and families attending.  The weather was perfect, the fishing was fair, the food was great,  and Suzie and Barry were the perfect hosts.  Barry cooks up the best burgers and brats in the county and Buddy entertained us all with his endless energy and appetite for tennis balls.  It was a great day for the HFF Annual picnic outing, thanks Barry and Suzie for sharing your place with us.

Checkout a few pictures of the events.

The Hoosier Fly Fishers does not officially meet over the summer.  Our constitution mandates this schedule.  The reason for this pause in official business is the fact that we need to be fishing during the
summer, not attending meetings.  So it is just that simple, simply go
fishing.  However, if you miss our merry band of fly fishers, we will
meet unofficially on Tuesdays over the summer at the Colorado
Steakhouse.  Unofficial meetings will be June 17, July 15, August 19,
and September 16th.  Hope to see you all there.  Tall tales and useful
tips are in order.  The first officially official meeting of the fall
will be October 21st.

John Gierach has a new book, “All Fishermen Are Liars.” This will
certainly be some good summer reading!

Hope to see you all at the picnic,


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