Flymasters, Expos, and Rancid Crabtree

We had a great turn out for the January HFF meeting. There were lots of old faces around the tables as well as several new faces. It was good to see all of you there!  Everyone enjoyed the fellowship and food before the meeting with tales of Florida Fly Fishing, Big Wisconsin Smallies, walleyes on a fly and the Indy Fly Fishing Expo.  There was also a rumor about one of our old faces having a discussion with Bob Clouser last week about designing better flies for wipers.  But then again maybe I heard it wrong,  hopefully there will be more discussion about that at the February HFF Meeting. Don’t miss it!

Derrick Filkins
Derrick Filkins Flymasters and Tim Mather HFF President

One of the new faces at the meeting was Derrick Filkins of Flymasters Indianapolis.  Derrick was welcomed by club president Tim Mather. Derrick spoke to the group about warm water fly fishing and clued us in on some of the newest and greatest fly fishing gear available now at Flymasters. Check out their website or drop in the shop on Allisonville Road on the NE side of Indianapolis. If they don’t have what you need they will order it.

Lead Wing Coachman
Lead Wing Coachman by Mike Donovan

This year the fly tying demonstrations will be Traditional Classic Patterns that are over 30 years old and still produce fish. Mike Donovan, club program director, demonstrated how to tie a Lead Wing Coachman.

The trick is getting the wings on correctly and Mike showed how to do that. It is always educational watching how other people tie flies. Learning the little shortcuts or tricks they use  at the vise can save you lots of time when tying your own. Most all of the HFF meetings will have fly tying demonstrations.

On a sad note, it’s the end of an era.  If you are a fan of Pat , Crazy Eddie Muldoon, Rancid, Melba Peachbottom, Sneed, Strange  or are a member of the Rancid Crabtree Fly Fishing and Filisofical Society then you need to go to  Sadly the McManus website monthly blog and book store is no more.  You can read more about it on the website.

HFF Meeting Reminder

The January meeting of the HFF will be Tuesday,1/20/15 at he Colorado Steakhouse. Dinner at 6:00 and the program will begin at 7:00.

This month’s program features Derrick Filkins of Flymasters
( in Indy. He will be talking with us about warmwater fly fishing.

We will be continuing our demos of “classic” fly patterns. Mike Donavon will demo tying the Lead Wing Coachman. As usual, we ask for your suggestions for the demos, someone in the club knows how to tie the pattern.

Check out the Limp Cobra January 13 post ( There is a neat little article, “Fly Casting- How to loose your flies in trees.”

Your 2014 Indiana State Fishing License will expire the end of March, after that you will need a 2015 Fishing License and Trout Stamp. You can purchase them both online here.

State Park Passes and Boat Launch Permits are due the first of the
year. You can purchase them at any State Park Office or online at their store as well as other IDNR stuff.

Hope to see you all at the January meeting.

Stay warm,


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