Feb Meeting and More

I think we have had enough of this weather, I wanna fish—NOW.

This month’s HFF meeting is February 17th at the Colorado Steakhouse. Dinner will be at 6:00 and the program will start at 7:00. The program this month will be our friend Charlie Cole telling us about the Friends of Yellowwood.

The tying demo this month will be Tim tying a Shenk’s Minnow. Not much flash here, it just catches fish. You can view one on the Smallmouth Fly Box Blog

The March meeting will be the AUCTION! And as usual, our friend Kernel Kevin has agreed to regale us with his wit and charm and at the same time giving some treasure a new home while making a few bucks for the club. So, bring a bunch of the fishin’ things you no longer need and think others may want/need. And, by the way, bring some of your extra money. The more of both, stuff and money, the better.

The tying demo for March will be Barry Clarke tying the House and Lot Variant fly.  This fly was the favorite fly of President Eisenhower. Some of us may even remember when Dwight was President and fishing. Global Fly Fisher House Lot Fly

The April meeting will feature Mike Exl from Wildcat Creek Outfitters.  . Mike is one of the premier two-handed or spey fishing experts in the midwest and spends a great deal of time chasing steelhead with two-hander’s and switch rods. Mike has worked for WCO since he was very young and he has been involved with WCO since he was a young college guy.  Wildcat Creek Outfitters

The fly demo for April will be Mike Donovan tying the Spruce Fly.  A
nifty little streamer similar to this one on the Michigan-Sportsman Website.

Now, this is a full schedule for the rest of the year. And, I haven’t
even mentioned the picnic (more on that later). So I hope to see you
all on the 17th at the Colorado Steakhouse for some good food and

Stay warm,


February Meeting

We’re having pretty good fishing weather, or maybe not. Rumor has it that spring will get here someday. My only concern is that I recognize fishable weather when is gets here, it has been awhile. I am thinking it is time to pick the damn groundhog who has the most favorable prediction and maybe one who bites a mayor to boot.  In the meantime, let’s focus on the February meeting of the HFF.

The February meeting of the HFF will be on the 17th at the Colorado Steakhouse. As usual, dinner will be at 6:00 and the program at 7:00. The program this month will be our friend and new club member Charlie Cole talking with us about The Friends of Yellowwood. Yellowwood State Forest is one of several little gems hidden away in our part of the Midwest. I am sure we need to pay attention to the welfare of these resources. Yellowwood State Forest

The second part of the program will be a demo of the Shenk’s Minnow and it’s close cousin Mary’s Strymph. Both these flies are really good for Smallies as well as those trouty things.  These patterns employ a dubbing loop, a useful technique for many patterns.

And, get ready for March, the auction with our own Kernal Kevin. More on that soon.

See you all on Tuesday the 17th at the Colorado Steakhouse,


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