March HFF Meeting Changes UPDATE

Because of some unforeseen issues and Spring Break, the executive committee has decided that it is necessary to reschedule the HFF meeting to Tuesday March 24th. Looking forward to seeing you all at the Colorado Steak House on March 24,  6:00PM, auction at 7:00PM.


P.S. This will give you more time to gather some really good stuff for the auction.”

March, Mystery Fly, Auction Madness

Wow, what a month March is! The 8th is the start of Daylight Savings
time, the 20th is the first day of spring and, perhaps most importantly, the HFF annual auction is March 17th. If that is not enough excitement, our own Mike Donovan will be tying a fly, and a mystery fly at that.

So here is the plan, wish or pray for warm, fishable weather, your
choice of method. Now to be ready for this marvelous event, warm
weather and all that it brings, it is time to get rid of some of your
extra high quality fishin’ stuff for the benefit of the club and acquire some new high quality stuff other club members foolishly think they need to get rid of… Bring money and high quality stuff.  And, BTW, that includes high quality money as well.

And, you may well ask, how do we manage to pull off such an august
event in March? The answer is simple, Kurnel Kevin. Kevin is an auctioneer nonpareil, able to wring the last few dollars out of your
hands for a good cause. So come and enjoy Kevin’s wit and charm, an
appropriate adult beverage and good fellowship.

The March meeting of the HFF will be March 17th at the Colorado Steakhouse. Dinner will be at 6:00 and the Auction will begin at 7:00. See you all then and there.

Stay warm,



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