First Official Meeting

Well, the time has come at last, the first really officially official HFF meeting of the fall is coming up on October 21, 2014 at the Colorado Steakhouse. Dinner at 6:00 and the program begin at 7:00.

The program this month will be our own Larry “one pound bluegill”
Barber’s report on his recent trip out west to catch some trout.
Larry’s claims about his success are backed up with photos this time.
However, there is this thing called Photoshop, although I am not sure
an aging Luddite knows how to use that program. So I am assuming that what we see is what he caught. Regardless it is sure to be an
interesting and entertaining presentation.

And if that isn’t enough, Mike Donovan will be tying some seasonally
appropriate flies. Mike is a good and very practical tier. I always
enjoy his demos, especially the economy of his tying skills. There will
be something to learn here.

This promises to be a good evening, good food, good friends, and good information. Hope to see you all there at the Colorado Steakhouse for dinner at 6:00, appropriate adult beverages and a great program at 7:00.

I hope you all had a great summer with lots of fishing (catching, as
always is optional). I have heard some members have been catching
Wipers at Lake Monroe. That is great news, these are fun fish to catch, one of the few  warm water fish that can take you into the backing!

See you there,


Official Unofficial September Meeting

The next official unofficial meeting will be Tuesday September 16th.

The October meeting will be the first Officially Official meeting of
the year. With that in mind, I hope to see you at the Colorado
Steakhouse at the 6:00 on Tuesday the 16th of September.

While I know this is an unofficial meeting and doesn’t have a program,  our friend Mike B. and I were talking about our 10 or even 5 favorite Smallmouth flies for the local streams. We would be very interested in a show and tell of your faves. To add to the fun, how about if you only could use one fly, what would it be? And, as neither of us is capable of linear thinking (or any clear thinking for that matter), the topic switched to what rod is best. Your ideas…

As is always the case, we are interested in ideas for programs of the
coming meetings. It is highly likely that one program will be devoted
to fly tying. What would you like to see? Someone in the club can tie
that fly and will be most happy to provide a step by step demo at a

So, see your all at the Colorado Steakhouse on September the 16th at 6:00 for dinner and conversation that is sure to lead to at least one epiphany fly fishing wise.

See you then and there,


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