The best two days to go fishing…yesterday and tomorrow.

Paul B Wiper April 29, 2012
Paul B Wiper April 29, 2012

I had hoped to send this little missive out last evening with a glowing report on a successful Wiper fishing trip to Fairfax. I guess there might be several ways of measuring success, however, if your measure of a successful fishing trip includes catching fish, I cannot report success. If you are willing to consider a day outdoors, fishing with a friend, casting into a 20 mph artic wind a success, we nailed that! Paul ruined an otherwise perfect skunk day by catching one small Crappie. In the interest of justice,whose justice I am not sure, he then lost the only copy of the only fly that worked all day. I hope anyone who made it out today had better luck. It will really start to pick up as soon as the water gets a bit warmer. I am attaching a photo of our own Paul B. with a nice wiper from April 29, 2012 at Fairfax. The fish are there, go get ’em.

It was rather disconcerting to confirm Ben’s report of lots of dead small Wipers and a few Yellow Bass on the beach. The fish were all about the same size, 5-6 inches. I will try to find a cause and report at the next meeting. At this point I am thinking perhaps a “lake turn over” resulting in a lack of oxygen in the upper level of the lake. However, that is just a guess. Has anyone else seen this fish kill?

JLWs have a new fly guy. His name is Jonathan Busse, Jonathan is a local boy who recently moved back to town, he will be working Friday and Saturday. Stop by and say hello.
UPDATE December 2013: JLW just restocked a lot of Orvis gear, tying supplies and more stuff on the way with a few new items on the list as well. Come in and check it out, buying local not only saves you money it also gives back to our community.

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