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Indiana Fishing Regulations and Licensing

IDNR Regulations 2014-2015
IDNR Regulations 2014-2015

The new Indiana Fishing Regulation Guide 2014-15 is available now. You can view the Guide in an interactive flash version at ERegulations website or you can go to the IDNR website to view a PDF version. Give them a look to see whats new or what you have forgotten about. Did you know, Catch-and-release applies to all inland trout streams from Jan.1 through April 14  (Brookville) and the opening day of trout season for inland streams in Indiana, other than Lake Michigan tributaries, is the last Saturday in April and runs through Dec.31. Brown trout minimum size limit for Brookville tailwater is 18 inches.  Lake Michigan and it’s tributaries may have special regulations different from these so check before you go.   Check the new 2014-2015 publication online for recent changes in fishing regulations, links to IDNR pages below.

Do you have your 2014 fishing license yet? The ones in your pocket run out the end of March, you might as well get your new ones now. It’s easy, do it online and print them out, sign them and then laminate them to keep them dry. If you loose your fishing license or they get damaged you can print a new copy at the IDNR website. You can add on hunting, trapping, and a trout and salmon stamp at the same time if you wish. Just follow directions on the website. If you use your drivers license information the interface fills in some of your information for you. Be sure and check mark the 2014 license and not the 2013.

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