August Meeting

The next official unofficial meeting of the HFF will be August 16th at the Colorado Steakhouse at 6:00.  Looking forward to seeing everyone and sharing tales of summer fishing adventures.

Has anyone else been watching the Summer Olympics? I am rather sure there are some special effects going on there because no human can do some of the things I have been seeing.  I mean throw yourself high in the air, spin around five times and land on you feet and not have to call 911…I mean really.  So here is an idea from Bill Murray, “Every Olympic event should include one average person competing for a reference.”

I for one would be interested in seeing what flies have been working for you in local waters this summer.  Along those lines, we are as usual looking for suggestions for fly tying demos in the coming year as well as program ideas. As far as fly tying demos are concerned…please feel free to volunteer

See you all at the Colorado Steakhouse August 16th at 6:00PM.


FISH REPORT: Not much going on now, I have heard reports that gills are on the nest once again, third time for some. Carps are slow but wading is a good way to cool off. Be patient, good fall fishing will be here before you know it.

July Meeting, Ho Hum days, and a Warning

The July Unofficial Meeting will be Tuesday the 19th, 6PM at Bobby’s Colorado Steakhouse. No program but you can expect lots of lies, great food, fellowship, and of course plenty of your favorite beverages. Come join us if you’re not out fishing. Anyone can attend the meetings, it’s a good time to find out more about the club and the members.

Are you having a Ho Hum day? Members can check out the HFF Fish Report Forums to see what is biting and where. Some members have been traveling a little and have made reports of their success. The one report I can share with you is don’t fish the FAX, there’s no fish there. If you’re not a member of the HFF yet and are interested in fly fishing, drop by Bobby’s Colorado Steakhouse the 19th to see what the club is about and meet some of the best story tellers in town. You’ll be glad you did. Our members are a good bunch of guys and gals.

FISH REPORT: Carp, smallies, gills on the nest again. Fish in between the cloudburst to avoid the lightning.

Warning! The picture below is not the HFF’s Club President that we all love and admire, it’s an Older more fishy version of him holding one of many nice smallies he caught just a few days ago. GO FISH!

Nice Smallie
Nice Smallie

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