Unofficially Summer

This is the official announcement for the unofficial summer meeting of the HFF. As you know, we do not “officially” meet in the summer because we are all out fishing… However, if you miss all the charming friends in the club, we will meet on the third Tuesday of the month over the summer. As always, we will meet at the Colorado Steakhouse at 6:00.

The meeting dates are:

June 20th

July 18th

August 15th

September 19th.

In October we will begin Officially Official meetings. As always we are open to ideas for riveting programs for the fall…

Catch some fish!!



Heads up for May 6, the HFF picnic!!!!

Well, the time is here, the fun filled HFF annual picnic!  Once again the Clarkes have generously offer the lake front home on Lake Lemon. As always, the club will provide burgers and buns, chips and soft drinks.

So plan on bring a side dish and whatever appropriate adult beverages.

The fun will start about 11:30. 

 Don’t forget to bring your fly rod, there will always be the chance of that one pound Bluegill from the bank.

Hope to see you all there!


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