April 2021 Meeting of the Hoosier Fly Fishers

I trust you are all enjoying this weather and perhaps even getting a bit of fishing. Aw yes, and the shots…my guess is that most of us are on the way to having a complete round of the vaccines. I want to announce that we will be having a casual meeting of the HFF on Wednesday April 28th 6:00 PM ‘til 9:00 PM at the Bloomington  American Legion Post # 18 in the Blue Room. There will be no program this time, just a chance to get together and actually see another human face to face.

Hoping to see you all there on  Wednesday the 28th!

Tight lines, 


Discussion Suggestion:

Ya know I think I would like to hear a round table with everyone sharing their favorite outfit. This being rod, reel, line ,leader tippet and fly.

I am kinda old school so would be the outfit I have used for 50 some years.



2021 Outlook.

Weather is improving, waters are moving, and it is beginning to look like Spring near Bloomington. Fish have been biting in the creeks and lakes with sunny day water temps in the lower to mid 50’s. Go fish if you can, just stay safe, we are not out of this pandemic yet. 

There is no good news yet from the Club but there has been some discussion on planning a meeting sometime soon. Check back here to see when and if anything  like safe meetings or outings can be planned.

On a high note, I have heard, from someone with good authority, that JL Waters on the Square in downtown Bloomington has recently expanded and restocked their shelves and pegboards with “tons” of good stuff for fly fishers. Better hurry down there before it’s all gone. Wear a mask! 

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