Unofficial HFF Summer Meetings

Well it is Officially time for the summer Unofficial meetings. That being the case, we will meet next Tuesday, May 21st at the American Legion Blue Room. As always, dinner at 6:00 and summer fishing lies begin at 7:00 (or as soon as we get there.

Rowan, May 2019

There are some terrific pictures of local fishing success floating around the internet.  Local small streams and below the damn at Monroe seems to be hot. I have seen pics of Wipers, Smallies and Bluegill in the recent days.

I have no fishing pictures yet but  I am hoping to have some of  my  own fishing pics soon…


HFF Auction 2019 update

Once again the  Hoosier Fly Fishers Annual fund raising auction was a big success.  Kernal Kevin did a wonderful job  of  entertaining us all with his quick wit and humor as well as getting top dollar for all the good stuff that members donated.  If you purchased or are missing a white laundry basket o’ stuff you can see Charlie at the HFF Picnic or surely it will show up at next years auction. Thanks to everyone that donated good stuff and bought stuff to help support Hoosier Fly Fishers. We would also like to thank the Bloomington American Legion Post #18 for their hospitality, great food and service.

The next HFF Meeting will be the annual picnic. Speaking of the annual picnic, May 4th 11:00 AM food at 12:3…the picnic this year will again be at Susie and Barry’s Lake Lemon home. As always, a hardy thanks to Barry and Susie for their generosity. The club will provide burgers and buns, chips and stuff like that, and soft drinks. If you want an “Appropriate Adult Beverage”, that is on you. Bring a side dish or dessert to share.   As is always the case, bring some fishing stuff. Who knows, Lake Lemon may indeed hold some of those elusive 1# Bluegill we hear so much about. For 1# bluegill Larry Barber recommends at least a 8wt rod.

If you missed this years annual auction here are a few pictures so you can see what you missed.

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