HFF Picnic

The Annual HFF Picnic was a big success despite foul weather and wet dogs. The weather for the picnic was not so nice with 20mph winds and cool temperatures. Not good for fly fishing, however a few brave souls tried their luck with an assortment of small flies hoping for that one pound bluegill that Barry said hangs out around around his cove. Randy fared the best on the gills with several being caught off the point, casting downwind of course.

As usual Barry served up the best burgers and brats on Lake Lemon and everyone enjoyed the meal and the fellowship inside out of the cold winds. Buddy, the black Laborador,  was the life of the party, getting the most exercise of us all chasing tennis balls. He even took a dip in the lake. Actually the lake temperature was much warmer than the air and he loved the attention, there’s nothing like a wet dog to get you moving after a full stomach. Thanks Barry for the hospitality and Buddy for the entertainment.

FISH REPORT: Monroe Lake is still 5 foot high and will be high for quite some time. The Corps Of Engineers have the lake dam wide open now and it will be 3 weeks before the lake is good wade fishing. A few brave souls have been wading a little for carps in the shallows Wiper May 19on sunny days. A few wipers are being caught near the dam.  A few trout have been caught below Brookville and the smallies have been biting in small creeks, if you can find one at normal levels. White bass runs should be in full swing if you can find a spot to cast. The warmer temps this next week should turn the bite on, GO FISH!

Annual HFF Club Members Picnic

Normally the month of May marks warmer weather, plentiful hatches and good fishing. The constant inconsistent weather patterns this Spring has me all confused on how to dress for fishing, neos, lightweights or buff. Some days I am wearing my winter buff and some days no buff at all.

Best burgers on Lake LemonOne thing you can always depend on is the Annual HFF Picnic. You can’t beat great food, fellowship, fish tales, a great location along with a little fly fishing. If you top all that off with a piece of TimMs chocolate cake you have a perfect day. Once again this year Barry Clarke will be hosting the club picnic on May 14th, members and guests should arrive around 11:00 ish.  Club Members can check the forums for more information, be sure and send an email to Barry to let him know how many are coming.  Hopefully it will be a no buff day.

HFF Club member, Roger Daily , has been traveling about and fly fishing a lot of different places. Early this month he ventured South to Jamestown, Kentucky for the opening of a new trout stream and he sent in this report:

Roger Daily
Roger Daily

“The Cumberland River is a well known and long established cold water fishery supplied by low level discharge and power generation from Lake Cumberland. The fishery starts at the Wolf Creek Dam and goes downstream for several miles (30-40). The river has a very large population of trout (rainbow, brown, brook) , walleye and stripped bass. Fishing the river can be frustrating because of power generation and large flow rates. There is also a fish hatchery near the dam. For years the hatchery discharge was into a ditch that ran 1/4 mile and dumped into the main river. A couple of years ago, they started a project to replace the ditch with a “stream”. The stream is now done and exceeds expectations. They have not done any stocking on the stream. However, it is loaded with fish. Loaded with large fish. The average fish in the stream is larger and more robust than the average fish in the river. We averaged 15 per four hours of fishing and the fish had to average over 15″.  If you have an interest in some high quality cold water stream fishing, this is the place to go.”

Check out the video about the new Kentucky stream, what a great project it was! Congratulations Kentucky on a job well done. New Kentucky Trout Stream


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