January HFF Meeting “Go Big or Go Home”

The next meeting of the HFF will be Tuesday, January 17th.  As usual we will meet at the Colorado Steakhouse, dinner at 6:00 PM and the program will be at 7:00 PM.  This month we will be having another fun filled fly tying challenge! This one will hosted by our own Paul Brown. Below I give you Paul’s description of this event.

He says, “Go Big or Go Home!”

Okay HFF members and guests – the program for the January meeting will be a fly tying challenge and no more prissy trout flies! The fly for this challenge will be larger than last time so you are encouraged to bring some larger tying thread, something in the 140 – 210 denier range. If you wish to participate, please remember to bring your fly tying tools. You will be supplied with hooks, and all materials you will need. You will have the option to tie one or two flies, one for fish appeal and/or one for people appeal. Everyone at the meeting will get to vote for their favorite flies. There will be a prize(s?) for each category winner.

Stay tuned for upcoming programs. We have some interesting stuff in line. I will let you know as soon as the programs are confirmed. For those of you who have asked about flaying fish, I am pretty sure we have that coming up soon…

Stay warm and dry,


There will be some area Fly Fishing Shows coming up soon, be sure to check the HFF Calendar for dates and times of events as well as links to the shows.  It’s still a good time to become a member of Hoosier Fly Fishers, sounds like there are some exciting times ahead. Membership dues are due if you previously signed up. HFF meetings are open for anyone to attend, we always welcome new faces.

FISH REPORT: Yes the water is cold, in fact a few days ago Lake Monroe had a skim of ice all over it and a few coves were totally frozen. With recent warmer rains much of the ice has disappeared and a few hardy souls have found some fish. Down size flies and fish slow and deep, you might be surprised. I saw pictures of live fish today on small clousers.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

It’s hard to believe that 2016 has come and almost gone. The last Hoosier Fly Fishers Meeting for 2016 was a Celebration of Christmas, good friends, great food, and a “wonderful surprise prize”. Several HFF Members and family gathered at Bobby’s Colorado Steakhouse for Brunch on December 11th and we all enjoyed the great food served up by the staff. The highlight of the event was the members drawing for a “wonderful surprise raffle prize”. This year Jeanne Shaw had the winning ticket and received a new TFO Bob Clouser 6wt Fly Rod along with a slightly used wiper fly. I see more big fish in 2017 for Jeanne.

The next HFF Meeting will be on January 17th and another Fly Challenge is on the agenda. See the next post by TimM for more details. There has been been lots of interest in these new events and we expect several to participate. Anyone interested in Fly Tying or Fly Fishing is welcome to attend the meetings. We always welcome new faces to the group. Now would be a good time to join the club, annual dues are due if you haven’t paid yet.

Hoosier Fly Fishers wishes everyone a safe and Happy Holidays and  special good wishes go out to those that were unable to attend the Christmas party. 

FISH REPORT:  It’s cold and slow but a few fish were caught the first half of December by a couple of crazy guys. It’s 12 degrees here now, go tie some flies.

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