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Annual HFF Members Picnic May 21st 2022

Time once again for one of highlights of the year, the HFF annual picnic!! And, once again, the Clarke’s have generously offered their Lake Lemon home as the site for the picnic. This year the picnic will be May 21st.  The fun will start about 11:00 with food at 12:00.  The club will provide burgers, buns, chips and soft drinks. If you want adult beverages, you will have to bring those. Please bring a side dish to share… I have the chocolate cake business covered. Again, many thanks to the Clarke’s for their generosity!

Please note that Lake Lemon is in the back yard and this would be an excellent time and place to try out all the first-class tackle and flies you bought at the auction. Who knows, there may even have been some flies noted for catching Bluegills in local water.

Another thing to note is that the HFF will be having “Official Meetings” this summer.  Usually we have had “unofficial meetings”, that is there would not be a “real” program for the meeting, just eat dinner and tell fishing lies stories. This summer we will be having programs for the meeting and still eat, drink and tell stories.  As always, we look for suggestions for program or demos. Please stay tuned for details of up-coming meetings. Rumor has it that there may well be a demo on tying a feather Game Changer fly in July.

Hope to see you all at the picnic on May 21st. Claims of 1-pound Bluegills taken from Lake Lemon during the picnic will be carefully weighted by the Executive Committee and the successful fly will be confiscated for our personal future use…

See you there,  Tim

Annual HFF Club Members Picnic 2021

This year the HFF. picnic will be June 12th with the 13th as a rain date. Once again the Clarkes have offered their Lake Lemon lake side home for our picnic.

As always, we give the Clarkes a big shout out of thanks. We will get started at 12:00 and party until 4:00. Once again the club will provide hot dogs, buns, chips and soft drinks. Barry says the grill will be working and food ready about 12:30. Please bring a side dish and any adult beverages you may desire.

Tim's One Pound Blue Gill
Tim’s One Pound Blue Gill

Also bring some fishing stuff…there are rumors of 1-pound bluegill in Lake Lemon.

If you are up to sharing, bring your Cicada fly to show off and catch a bunch.


Looking forward to seeing everyone in real life, email us if you have questions or need directions to the Clarks.