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April Meeting 2018

Snow on April 1st and Lake Monroe up 10.1 ft. this morning. Looks like a typical Indiana spring.

The April meeting of the HFF will be on the 17th, Tax Day this year. The program for this meeting is the Annual Auction!! If you hear some strange melodic sounds drifting around town, my guess is that it is auctioneer Kernal Kevin warming up for our grand event. Kevin needs wonderful stuff to auction, so sometime during the next two weeks gather up some wonderful stuff and bring it to the meeting. And yes, bring some of that extra cash from all those tax refunds. Time permitting, there will also be a tying demo.

The HFF picnic will be May 20th. Once again, the Clarkes have generously offered their home for the venue. More details to follow soon. Save the date!

I am off to gather some gems for the auction…see you at the Colorado Steakhouse on the 17th. Dinner at 6:00 auction at 7:00. As always, the auction is loads of fun and Kernal Kevin will convince you to carry home more than you brought.

Fishing Report:Friday the 13th!!! Maybe not such a good day to go fishing. Monroe was up to 12.8 ft this morning. My guess is that is a factor with the wipers coming in close enough to fish in the parking lots of our usual places.

March 2018

Paul Brown at the vise
Paul Brown at the vise

There will one more fly tying hands-on demo on March 6th at the Colorado Steakhouse. I am sure this session will be a good chance to meet some of the IU Fly Fishing Club members.

The HFF fly meetings are always open to anyone with an interest in fly fishing.   Feel free to drop by at any of our meetings or fly tying events.

The March 20th HFF meeting will be a seasonally appropriate program. Our own Mike Donovan and Dick Powell will be tying Bluegill flies! Mike and Dick are great tiers. These flies are guaranteed to catch fish and the fishing catching season is soon upon us. I for one am getting a very bad case of cabin fever and really need to get out on some water. And, please, when you catch a 1 # Bluegill on one of these flies, send us a picture for the web site.

The Annual Auction will be on April 17th.  Interesting fact, that is tax day. So bring all that money you have left over after the tax cut and buy some stuff. Also, once again Kernel Kevin will be the auctioneer and that is always a delight. Now is a good time to gather wonderful stuff for the auction…Kevin needs stuff to sell. 

The annual picnic will be in April…more on that later.

See you all on March 20th at the Colorado Steakhouse. Dinner at 6:00, program at 7:00