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February 2020 HFF Meeting

The February 2020 meeting will be Tuesday February 18th at the Bloomington American Legion Post #18. Items on the agenda will be  a meal at 6PM,  Business meeting and discussions at 7PM,  and the program for the night will  be fly tying demos. HFF will feature three different tying stations with members tying various flies.  One of the members might be tying  One Pound Bluegill flies.  A club raffle will follow the tying demos.

Mike Donovan
Mike Donovan demonstrates tying a Parmachene Belle Streamer

Anyone interested in fly fishing or fly tying is welcome to attend. There seems to be increased interest in fly tying and this would be a good time to come see what it’s all about. More fly tying demos and maybe even tying classes will be scheduled in the future, so stay tuned. Hope to see you there.

Upcoming meetings: Project Healing Waters,  Annual Club Auction with Kernal Kevin, and the club picnic.

HFF Annual Picnic 2019

HFF Annual Picnic May 4th 11:00 AM food at 12:30…the picnic this year will again be  at Susie and Barry’s Lake Lemon home. As always, a hardy thanks to Barry and Susie for their generosity. The club will provide burgers and buns, chips and stuff like that, and soft drinks. If you want an “Appropriate Adult Beverage”, that is on you. Please bring a side dish or a dessert to share.