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Meetings 2020 and the Corona Virus

I trust you are all well and safe and not too much more nuts than you were before this virus business began. I am beginning to understand why dogs take such pleasure in staring out closed windows. I am finding teaching studio classes online a bit like teaching swimming without water. I am guessing we can go fishing if we remain a fly rod length apart!

The executive committee has been discussing the HFF meeting schedule for the remaining dates of the year. We have come to the consensus that we should regroup in the Fall. As Kevin pointed out, “I think we need to remain cautious, 90% of the fatalities are in the population of 60 and up.” I think at least some of us are in that group.

We will schedule the Club Auction for the Fall, perhaps the first meeting. Kernal Kevin has agreed to again treat us to his melodious voice and skills. We are also hoping to work on a Fall, Club Member Picnic. We are also working on having Joe Smith present his program, Healing Waters Fly Fishing, in an early Fall meeting. I know we are all looking forward to his presentation.

We hope you all stay safe and well. Please let us know of any exciting and safe ways you devise for the coming months. And let us hope things are more certain and settled in the Fall. We certainly hope you are able to do some fishing over the summer and will arrive at the first fall meeting with fresh tales of all the One Pound Bluegills you caught.

Be well,


HFF Monthly Meeting April 2020

The Executive Committee of the Hoosier Fly Fishers, given the uncertainty of our current state of affairs, has decided to cancel the April meeting. We will be having the Annual Auction in May and the Annual Club Picnic in June. Hopefully the one pound bluegills will be hungry then.

Kernal Kevin
Kernal Kevin working his magic.

The May meeting will be on the 19th. It will be the Annual Auction with our own Kernal Kevin.  Now it looks like we will have plenty of time to gather all our fishing and outdoor related gear together for the sale. Bring money!

The date and time of the June picnic is yet to be determined. We will let you know as soon as it has been established.

Stay safe,  Tim