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HFF Meeting March 2023

Kernal Kevin
Kernal Kevin working his magic.

The March meeting of the Hoosier Fly Fishers will be Tuesday 21st.  As usual we will be meeting at the American  Legion Post 18 here in Bloomington, dinner at 6:00 and the meeting at 7:00. And a special meeting it will be!!! The annual auction with Kernal Kevin and his dulcet tones separating us from a few extra bucks for wonderful things we didn’t know how badly we really needed them. This year the resulting funds will be split 50/50 between Casting for Recovery and Project Healing Waters.

Sooo…. gather up some fishing related and outdoor activities items to donate for the auction.  I have it on good authority that there will be a good selection of member tied flies and perhaps a feather or two. A book or two may be nice as a survey indicates that 52% of the members can actually read and they can all look at pictures.

The April meeting will be presented by Friends of Lake Monroe and Larry Barber. The discussion will revolve around efforts to keep the sediment out of Monroe and other waters.  The work the Club did on Yellowwood has served as a test site for the methods of measuring the depth and clarity of the water. This will be an informative and exciting meeting.  If this were not enough, Elizabeth Burleson will be doing a fly tying demo.  Lots to look forward to here, see you there.

The Annual Club picnic in May will be June 3rd.  Again, we can thank the Clarkes for generously hosting the event. Details on this to follow. And yes,the MAY meeting will be the picnic on JUNE 3rd.

See you all on March 21st. Bring stuff for the auction, bring money, take stuff home from the auction…

Stay warm,