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November 2023 HFF Meeting

November Meeting: Hoosier Fly Fishers will again meet at the American Legion Post in Bloomington for the monthly meeting on Tuesday Nov.  21st, 6PM for diner and 7PM for the meeting.  The program this month will concern “Tips and Tricks” for fly tying. Most of us have found a little trick or two that help our tying. These are often things not exactly found in a book or video but evolve at the bench. We will be sharing some of these and demonstrating at the vice. There will be room behind my vice if you want to sit down and share a tip of your own. 

Once again as per the constitution, we will hold the election of officers at this meeting. There will be a slate of officers put fourth. However, nominations from the floor are open. The elected officers will take office at the Christmas meeting.

Hoosier Fly Fishers monthly meetings are open to the public, now is a good time to join us for the coming year. Dues are due now, see Barbara Hatton at the Nov. meeting to sign up or pay annual dues.  Looking forward to seeing you all on the 21st, TimM

HFF Christmas Party:The Hoosier Fly Fishers Christmas Party for Club members will be December 10th at 11:30AM  and will be at the Red Lobster in Bloomington again this year. Each club member and their significant other will receive a $25 certificate for the meal. As always, this does not include adult beverages. It is very important that you let Barbara Hatton <> know how many of you are planning to attend. We need a good head count so please let Barb know at the November meeting or drop her a note.

The Christmas raffle prize this year will be a Moon Shine 9’, 5 wt. rod with an extra tip, a hard case and a reel with line. As an added bonus there will also be a canteen. I can think of a time or two when the extra tip would have saved the day.

January Meeting:  January 16th, 2024. Albert White will be joining us for the January Meeting to discuss Indiana smallmouth bass fishing. More details to follow.

Stay warm or cool, whatever Indiana weather demands today…


October 2023 HFF Meeting

The next meeting of the HFF will be October 17th. As usual we will meet at the Legion with dinner at 6:00 and the program at 7:00.  We will start with the round table which gives us all a chance to brag (lie) about all the fish we have caught this past month. I am sure we will all be looking forward to information about the Wiper activity in Lake Monroe.

Eel River Grass Carp
Eel River Grass Carp

The program this month will be about spinning deer hair flies. With some examples of the wide variety of different bugs made with deer hair.  These files include, but not limited to, the Dahlberg Diver, Beaver Island Jointed Sculpin Minnow and a Whitlock deer hair Mulberry Fly.  That Whitlock Mulberry Fly caught some really nice Grass Carp on the Eel River over in Clay County. There will also be examples of the variety of the tools needed to spin deer hair, including some of the home-made variety. We will consider the hooks needed for various patterns and suggestions for the best thread. 

As always, these demonstrations are a good place to ask questions and share experiences and offer suggestions.  One suggestion I look forward to is a recommendation for the best vacuum cleaner for cleans up after this adventure. Many claim the vacuum is the most necessary tool for spinning and trimming deer hair! 

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the 17th.  Dinner at 6:00 and program at 7:00. Membership dues are due in October for the coming year.