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January HFF Meeting Notes

Hoosier Fly Fishers started the new year off with a great meeting.  As always the food and hospitality at Bobby’s Colorado Steakhouse was the best.  Thanks to the staff for always taking such good care of us!

Mike Exl Fishing Guide
Mike Exl Fishing Guide

The guest speaker for this month was Mike Exl, head fly fishing guide at Wildcat Creek Outfitters located on Main Street in Zionsville, Indiana.  This evening Mike gave a talk about fly fishing for carp in Indiana and Lake Michigan.  Mike is very enthusiastic about fly fishing for carp and covered every aspect of carp on the fly so well that several of the members are ready to start tying carp flies for the coming year.  He even mentioned a few of his secret flies and honey holes for carp.  I know I am anxious to get to the tying bench to tie up some of those purple thingies and this summer you will find me wading the flats. Thanks Mike for a great presentation.  If you are interested in fly fishing Indiana stop in at  Wildcat Creek Outfitters and talk to Mike about a fly fishing trip soon or email him from their website. You’ll be glad you did.

Tim Mather
Tim Mather

Club President Tim Mather gave a fly tying demonstration on tying weighted flies.  Tim showed a large fly box full of examples of weighted flies from size 8 up to size 2/0.  For the demonstration Tim tied a Flat Wing Full Dress Clouser with tips on tying dubbing loops and spacing materials.  Tim also discussed what fish species he has caught using weighted flies such as wipers, smallmouth bass, carp and one pound bluegills.  What a great looking fly! I will use it wisely, thanks Tim.  If you missed the large box of weighted flies, it is rumored you might get a close look at it in the April Meeting, bring cash.

Flat Wing Full Dress Clouser
Flat Wing Full Dress Clouser

Fish Report: NONE

Upcoming Meeting Highlights:  February, Jill Vance of the Indiana DNR will be here to talk with us about youth fishing and Lake Monroe events.  April, Colonel Kevin will once again delight us with his Auctioneer Skills.

Upcoming Events:

Kentuckiana Fly Fishing Show January 23rd

Great American Fly Fishing Expo February 19th – 21st

The Ford Indianapolis Boat, Sport and Travel Show February 19th – 28th

Great Waters Fly Fishing Expo March 18th – 20th

Happy New Year and other stuff.

Good afternoon and Happy New Year!

Damn it’s cold out there! I am thinking the best move for now is to stay inside and think about the excitement of the January HFF meeting on the 21st. The program will be all about fly rods, building them, selecting components, picking a good one off the rack and anything else you may want to know. Barry Clarke will make the presentation. And if that isn’t enough, Mike Donovan will tie a woven body nymph. The meeting will be at the Colorado Steakhouse, dinner at 6:00 PM and the program at 7:00 PM.

I guess it is time to make some New Year’s resolutions. Or, if you made some the day before yesterday, it is about time to start breaking them. One of mine is to fish at least 100 days in 2014. I still have 362 days to keep this one…wish me luck.

It is time to get that new fishing license and state park pass. You can get your 2014 fishing license on line at INDNR Outdoor Licensing System .  Indiana State Park Passes and Boating permits can be purchased online at Mother Nature’s Mercantile or at almost all INDNR properties. These links are on the website. Speaking of the web site, there have been some format changes. It still has everything you have come to enjoy,  just looks a bit different. I like it. Thanks to Mike B. for all his good work on site!

Thinking ahead… The April 15th meeting will be the annual auction. Again, Kernal Kevin will enchant us with his dulcet, fast taking voice. Bring stuff, bring money, buy stuff and have some unbridled excitement. It seems there is something else happening on April 15th but I can’t think what that might be. Regardless, the auction is the most important! In the past the auction raised funds for the library but when we finally figured out that almost no one in the group could read so we have reappropriated the money to a speakers fund.

The Kentuckiana Fly Fishing Show will be January 25th, 2014 – 9am to 5pmAt Fern Valley Inn and Conference Center 
2715 Fern Valley Road Louisville, KY  http://www.kyflyshow.com/node/1

Kevin has provided this info on the “Quiet Sports” expo in Indy. It will be a section on the Indy Boat, Sport, and Travel show.  It will be a  pavilion devoted to “human powered sports – hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, fly fishing, and rock climbing”.  They seem to be promoting it as something special with 70,000 ft. of exhibition space and “over 100 exhibitors”.  I looked at the exhibitor list and I find “over 100” exhibitors dedicated to quiet sports a little bit of a
stretch.  But it looked like it could be interesting. The Boat, Sport, and Travel show will be February 14-23 at the Indiana Sate Fair grounds.  Indianapolis Boat Sport and Travel Show

Stay warm,