August, September 2021 Casual Meetings

Ah yes, Indiana weather. I saw this this morning, “Heat index values up to 108 expected…” Given that this is Indiana would anyone be shocked if it snowed tomorrow by noon? Some days it makes planning fishing difficult.

On a more predictable note, the 17th is the third Tuesday of August and  the 21st is the third Tuesday of September. We will be having a casual meeting of the HFF at the America Legion Post #18 in Bloomington. We will get together at 6:00 PM for dinner and tell wonderful stories for the next several hours.  Official regular meetings of the HFF will resume in October.  Dues are due at that time for the next coming year and it will be time for annual election of HFF officers.

Again, I would ask for suggestions for the official meetings this year beginning in October. Are there any fly patterns you would like to see tied, any fishing hot spots you would like to share, any guest speakers you are interested in having talk with us? As usual we will have the raffle and some demo in addition to a regular “Official Meeting.”

Looking forward to seeing you all next Tuesday.

Stay cool,