HFF January Meeting of 2023

Well, here we go, time for the first Hoosier Fly Fisher meeting of 2023. Greeted as usual by Indiana’s consistent weather, that is consistently changing.  Again this year we will be meeting on the third Tuesday of the month at the American Legion. Dinner at 6:00 and program at 7:00.

The program this month will be a “tie-a-thon.” That is to say there will be three of our members tying flies for your enjoyment and education. Charlie Shaw will be tying a Mop Fly. He has reported that he recently caught an 11” largemouth “just over the edge of the ice” at that place on Lake Monroe that no one names but everyone  knows about.  Mike Donovan will be at last report tying a TBD fly. Not sure what pattern that is but it may stand for the “Terrific Bluegill Destroyer.”  And lastly, I will be tying a Lefty’s Deceiver, a good pattern to chase some of those Wipers this spring. As always, we encourage questions during these demos. And, also as always, we are looking for suggestions for future programs.

Tim Mather Lake Monroe Wiper
Tim Mather Lake Monroe Wiper

See you all at the Legion on Tuesday the 17th. Dinner at 6:00 and the program at 7:00.  Bring a few bucks for the raffle and a story or two to share.  Stay warm and dry or whatever the weather requires,