January 2022 HFF Club Meeting.

The HFF will meet this coming Tuesday, January 18th at 6:00 PM. However, given the recent notable increase in the number of cases of the various strains of the Covid virus, we have decided that attendance will be at the members own discretion within their comfort range. In light of this change, we have determined that it would be best to reschedule Larry Barber’s much anticipated presentation on what nymphs fish eat and the best water to find these bugs. We really look forward to this program and thank Larry for his work on this presentation. We will reschedule this event for a later date.

As usual the meeting will start with a roundtable discussion. Part of this discussion will be on establishing a mission statement and a vision statement for the Hoosier Fly Fishers. The meeting will also include:

  • Mike Donovan will discuss plans for the Fly-Tying class.
  • There will be a list of the various upcoming fly-fishing shows.
  • There will be additional items from Dick Powel’s supplies of tying materials for sale. This will include hooks, feathers and some equipment. This sale may well take the form of a mini auction.
  • There will be a traditional raffle.

We will reschedule Larry’s presentation and other anticipated major programs for later dates that are more comfortable for the majority of the members. Again, we will meet on January 18th at the American Legion Post in Bloomington, dinner at 6:00 PM  and activities at 7:00 PM.