March 2013 Meeting

HFF March Meeting
HFF March Meeting

March Meeting

Well, the Ides of March approach and unless your name is Julius Caesar, don’t worry, it just means fishing may be picking up soon. I have had reports of some serious cases of Musky Fever. Symptoms include tying flies that use an entire package of Flashabou and size 6/0 hooks while mumbling Bass Lake, Bass Lake over and over again. Similar, but more easily cured variations of this fever are Wiper Wishing and Smallmouth Simpering.

The March 19th HFF meeting will be the exciting rollout of our new web site! We think you will like what you see and all the ways it will help us share information.


It is time to get your State Park Permit for 2013. This will save you a bunch of money when you head to Fairfax to get your Wiper fix. The cost is $40 for you younger members and at $20 for a Golden Hoosier Pass for those of us older members, not that 65 is that old, at least that is what I have been telling myself for the last five years. You can get them on line at:

The April meeting will be the auction. This is always a load of fun and a good chance to pick up some stuff you may need and someone else might need to need part with. There are always lots of terrific member tied flies that are sure to catch the fish of your dreams. Again Kernel Kevin will regale us with his rapid patter and skill at parting us from our hard earned cash. Save money, bring stuff, spend money, leave with stuff… happiness in ever so many ways!

And May, will it ever come, so warm and friendly, so outdoorsy, so fishy… I like May. Our May meeting will be the annual picnic. Date to be announced very soon.

See you all on the 19th at the Colorado Steakhouse. Dinner at 6:00,
program at 7:00.

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