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Club Meetings 2013

HFF Christmas Party 2013

Christmas Party 2013
Christmas Party 2013

The annual HFF Christmas Party was a success with several members enjoying the buffet at Bobby’s Colorado Steakhouse. Members and families were able to visit and talk about the past years events and places we have fished and not fished. Some of the topics of discussion heard around the table were, Beaver Island, TFO BVK, fried biscuits and apple butter, one pound bluegill, chartreuse leaders, road kill tail, TFO BVK, water proof cameras, wipers, Bloomington minnows,  Yellowwood Lake, honey holes, smallies, should have used a 4wt, Brookville, musky, Clear Creek, New officers, and a Merry Christmas to All.

Winner of the TFO BVK fly rod.

One of the main topics discussed at the party was the raffle prize for this year. Each year the club buys a “nice” prize for the Christmas Party Raffle.  This year the “nice” prize was a TFO BVK 9ft 6wt fly rod, Orvis Clearwater reel, and a nice TFO case for the rod and reel. Now that is “nice”! This years prize was purchased from JL Waters  with help from Jonathan Busse their new fly guy. The lucky and deserving guy that won the rod outfit was Kevin Montague.  He promised to go fishing in the coming year.

TimM and MikeD
Tim M and Mike D new officers for 2014

One item of interest at the party was that we have a new Club President, Tim Mather will serve in that role for 2014 and Mike Donovan will be Vice President and program director. All other officers will remain the same. If you have any good ideas for this coming years programs please let MikeD know about your ideas.

Christmas Party 2013
DickP and BarryC enjoy the Christmas Party 2013

There has been a good turn out for meetings this past year with lots of interest in fly tying and fly fishing local waters. 2014 looks to be a good year for the club with a few new members and some very promising programs coming up for the monthly meetings. Check back here or the club calendar for

Christmas Party 2013
Dave and Jonathan discuss fly leaders.

scheduled events. Any one with an interest in fly fishing can attend the meetings to gain more knowledge about fly tying, fly fishing or information about the Hoosier Fly Fishers. We are always glad to welcome new people to our group. Check the website calendar to see when the next meetings will be.

Wishing everyone a very Safe, Happy, and Merry Christmas!


Christmas Party Reminder

Not that you all need it, but here is another reminder of the HFF gala
Christmas Party at the Colorado Steakhouse this Sunday December 15th. Buffet starting at 11:00 and the raffle will be at 1:00. The Christmas raffle prize is a TFO BVK 9ft. 6wt. rod with hard case and Orvis Clearwater large arbor reel. This is a good outfit of the local fishing opportunities. I am sure it will handle the local Smallies and may in fact be stout enough of those legendary One Pound Bluegills we all catch or dream of catching…dream of catching…dream of catching…

Some other thought. I hope you all had the good graces of making sure your wife had a nice, new shovel to deal with the recent snow. I am not sure it is more important but it is getting around time to think about getting your 2014 fishing license and annual state park pass.  And, I hope to get at least one more ice free day so I can catch at least one December fish without the indignity of ice fishing.  After all, it is so damn hard to cut a long enough hole to fly fish through the ice.

And, once again, a reminder, this year’s Christmas Party will be
December 15th at the Colorado Steakhouse. The club will pick up the tab for a paid up member and a guest and their non-alcoholic beverages. For those of us who prefer a more seasonally recommended alcoholic beverage, the drinks are on the drinker. And while visions of sugar plumbs may be dancing in your head, personally, I am dreaming of that TFO BVK 6wt rod and One Pound Bluegills, while giving thanks to JLWaters and Jonathan for their help in making this possible.

Hope to see you there,