First Unofficial Meeting of Summer

We officially had our first unofficial meeting of the summer at the
Colorado Steakhouse last evening. Lots of fun, $2.00 draft beers, good
food and a few faces we haven’t seen for a while. Save June 18th for
the next official unofficial meeting, same place, same time. That would
be 6:00ish at the Colorado Steakhouse.

A question came up concerning wading at Brookville. According to the
Central Indiana Trout Unlimited, following is recommended.
• Below 4 feet- Ideal
• 4-4.5 feet- Mediocre
• 4.5 feet- Challenging
Above 5 feet- Dangerous and unwadeable
You can find the current water level at Brookville on our website. For
example, at 10:45 this morning the water level was 3.87 ft. Check this
before your go.

Speaking of the website, we are always looking for reports on your
fishing adventures and pictures of your catch, that is if you manage to
actually catch anything. Sometimes we might think our adventures are to
small and local to matter, but remember what the good doctor says,
“A person is a person no matter how small.”

For those who have moved beyond Dr. Seuss,there is always William Blake.
“To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.”

Personally, I recommend both. No, I did not personally know Mr. Blake,
he is/was at least 10 years older than I am.

2013 Annual HFF Picnic

Hot Dogs, Snails, Tennis Balls, and Barbie Poles!

Annual 2013 HFF Picnic
Annual 2013 HFF Picnic

If you didn’t make it to the Annual HFF Picnic you missed a very good time. Even though the weather was a little chilly the turn out was good with over 20 brave souls attending. Some really good food was served up and once again Chef Barry cooked up some of the most delicious burgers and hot dogs. The early entertainment was Buddy and his tennis ball, he was a real treat and made sure everyone had to wash their hands before they ate. He was also the only one brave enough to go wading. After the great meal, many lies er stories were shared as well as flys, tying materials and techniques. Some of the members fished a little and some caught fish while others got some great tips on casting. The cutest and most special Angler Award goes to little Ella Mae and her Barbie Pole. Her form was perfect and cuteness factor was a 10! I think everyone had a good time and the fun and fellowship was the best. Thanks to the Clarkes for opening their home to us once again for the picnic, it was GREAT!.

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