April 2021 Meeting of the Hoosier Fly Fishers

I trust you are all enjoying this weather and perhaps even getting a bit of fishing. Aw yes, and the shots…my guess is that most of us are on the way to having a complete round of the vaccines. I want to announce that we will be having a casual meeting of the HFF on Wednesday April 28th 6:00 PM ‘til 9:00 PM at the Bloomington  American Legion Post # 18 in the Blue Room. There will be no program this time, just a chance to get together and actually see another human face to face.

Hoping to see you all there on  Wednesday the 28th!

Tight lines, 


Discussion Suggestion:

Ya know I think I would like to hear a round table with everyone sharing their favorite outfit. This being rod, reel, line ,leader tippet and fly.

I am kinda old school so would be the outfit I have used for 50 some years.