June 2023 HFF Meeting

I hope you have been enjoying another Indiana June. We came close to 90 degrees and bumped noses with 40 degrees. I guess a 50 degree swing isn’t really all that bad. Hope you had a chance to hit the water a time or two so far this year.

The June HFF meeting will be this coming Tuesday the 20 th.            Again we will meet at the Legion with dinner at 6:00 and the program at 7:00.  The program this month will be a presentation by Nick Schroeder from Central Indiana Trout Unlimited. He will keep us up to date on the release of 1000 Rainbow Trout in Sugar Creek near Camp Atterbury. This is good news for all you trout chasers and if you haven’t fished Sugar Creek this is yet another good reason to do so.

The fly tying demo this month will be Mike Donovan tying an Olive Bead Headed Wooly Bugger. This choice was prompted by a discussion of bead head bugs at the picnic. The Wooly Bugger is one of those flies that does not look exactly like anything in particular but a little bit like everything in general. It can be tied from a size 12 to a size 2 and should be in you fly box at all time and a variety of colors.

If you want a good time some evening, go on line and find the “correct” way to tie a Wooly Bugger. That is an interesting fly tying rabbit hole…  Again, we are looking for suggestions for patterns you would like to see and as always, looking for folks to share their skill and knowledge of tying flies. If you wanna tie it, we wanna see it!  There are plans for a Deer Hair bug demo in the near future.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday. Looking forward to hearing some of your summer fish tales or tails but only true ones of course.

Go wet a line,