April 16th Meeting Update

Bobby's Colorado Steakhouse, locally owned and operated.

Our club meetings have been held at The COLORADO STEAKHOUSE, the staff has been very accommodating and  serve up some of the best food and drink in the area.  Everyone seems to enjoy the times we have there. Visit them soon if you get a chance.

The Annual Hoosier Fly Fishers Auction was a great success.  Anticipations were high and were enhanced with great food, drink, and fellowship before the meeting.    After the meal and a short business meeting, Club President MikeD turned the event over to our own skillful auctioneer KevinM who wowed us all with his vocal skills, bits of humor, and a special tribute in memory of Comedian Jonathan Winters who passed away recently.  Thank you Kevin, you did a wonderful job.  Among the items up for auction were many treasures beyond imagination for each to behold and take home.  Some of us actually took home more stuff than we brought and some of us actually wanted the stuff we took home.  I know one person was very pleasantly surprised with his purchases and probably today is very appreciative of the efforts of Ron Popeil. Once again the Annual HFF Auction was a success with fun and excitment for all, thanks to everyone for taking stuff home and leaving your money with Barry.



Business Note: We have a few members that haven’t paid their dues yet and if you have missed us please see Barry to get up to date.  Club dues were due last October.

A thing to ponder over the summer, we will hold the election for offices in the fall and are always looking for your suggestions.  Although it may seem a radical idea, some new, young, nimble minds are always welcome to fill the ranks of what we so blithely call the leadership of the HFF. Self-nominations are welcome.


April 16th HFF Meeting

April 16th meeting

Well it is time for the unbridled excitement of the yearly HFF auction! Bring stuff, bring money.  Kevin will again treat us to his considerable skill as an auctioneer. His humor filled banter will free us of all that extra cash we have left over from the IU Basketball tournament tickets we didn’t need for the elite eight game.  And then there is the April 15th… no need mentioned that.

garage-saleI am including a photo of the material from last year’s auction. Please note the armed guard seated on the right. I hope we will have as much good stuff this year.  For example, I am sure one of you has an extra Sage Z-axis 9′ 9wt laying around taking up space. I for one would be happy to bid 37.50 for that, no question about that, no question at all.  There will be locally tied flies guaranteed to catch local fish.  Perhaps even some rumored to catch the rumored 1 pound Bluegill.

I have been in Bloomington for about 20 years and have never seen the Daffodils bloom that they didn’t have at least a little amount of snow on there wonderful yellowness.  However, this year has been a little over the top.  Will there be a real spring or will we just merge into drought?

Based on the pics in the 2013 Fish Gallery below, it seems at least some of the members have been catching a few fish.  Keep us posted on your early season success.  I feel sure some of the flies you will buy at the auction will increase your success.  This will be especially true if you-know-who has some of those 1 pound flies in the auction.

See you all at the Colorado Steakhouse on Tuesday the 16th.  Dinner at 6:00 auction at 7:00.


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