Fish Report

Fish Report Lake Monroe

We went to Fairfax last Sunday and the lake was/is up 3+ feet. Didn’t catch any Wipers but I have report that they are starting to bite… at least for some people. The brushy parts of the lake are flooded and full of Carp, hundreds and hundreds of spawning Carp. They put on quite a show and I have a report that they can be caught when they are not actively doing you know what.
Tim M

May HFF Meeting

HFF Annual Fun Filled Picnic

Well it is time again for the absolute over the top fun of the annual HFF Picnic!! The fun is scheduled to begin about 11:00ish on May 11th with the 12th as a rain date. The club will provide burgers, buns,drinks, chips, etc. and the members will bring a side dish and appropriate adult beverages. Once again Barry Clarke has offered his home on Lake Lemon for our event. Bring a rod and catch some fish. Members can get more details in the Forums.

See you at the picnic!!!

Tim M

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