August Official Unofficial Meeting of the HFF

Summer is winding down. It is a time for reflecting and planning, what worked for fishing this summer and how should we get ready for the fall. Personally, as wet wading becomes less attractive I am thinking of fixing my leaky waders. I have more than one pair of leaky waders and I am wondering that if they don’t both leak in the same place and I wear one over top of the other will I stay dry? Hmmm…

August 20th is the third Tuesday of the month. And, yes, that means we will have our monthly official unofficial summer meeting of the HFF. As usual we will meet at the Colorado Steakhouse at 6:00ish, have some food, appropriate adult beverages and tell some profound and moderately believable tales of our summer adventures.

Speaking of planning… Again, suggestions for this year’s programs, we
want some, we need some, wadda da ya want to see? You may also be
thinking of new officers. I have reread the by laws and there is nothing there about lifetime appointments for the officers.


See you all at the Colorado Steakhouse on the 20th.

Third Official Unofficial Meeting

The next unofficial official summer meeting of the HFF is July 16th.
Come join us for burgers and appropriate adult beverages at the
Colorado Steakhouse about 6:00ish. This will be a good chance to catch
up on fishing adventures true and imagined. And it is a good time to
throw out some ideas of new executive committee members.

The summer is zipping by and I have not been fishing as much as I would
like. It is such a disappointment when life gets in the way of living.
Like many of us I seem to have been very busy with very important
stuff, but am hard pressed to list much that has actually been
accomplished. At least it has not been as hot as last summer. I am
still trying to figure out if too much heat is better than too much
rain. Perhaps what we have is really too much reality…

I know the program chairman is looking for ideas for the fall meetings.
Please don’t make him grovel, beg and plea, just give him some ideas
or you will be faced with whatever his limited imagination can devise.

Check out the web site up dates. Mike B. has been doing a great job of
expanding and improving the site.

Keep the 16th of July open for our fun filled third Tuesday of the
month summer meeting. And, stop by and see all the new stuff at


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