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Going Once…….

Kernal Kevin
Kernal Kevin working it.

The March HFF meeting and Annual Club Auction was a big hit with members and guests alike. As always KevinM was in good form and squeezed a good bit of dirty old money out of the crowd, he even coaxed a few pennies out of the folks in back of the room.  There seemed to be lots of interest in all the donated items except for a couple of unidentified cream and crimson bags. However, with Kevin’s auctioneer-ing expertise  all items were sold with proceeds going to support club activities.  Some of the items were so popular they may even show up again in next years auction.  Be sure to not miss that event! Thanks Kernal Kevin.

After the club auction Mike Donovan gave a fly tying demonstration of his version of an  Alexandra. Mike always does a good job on his flies and takes time to explain his techniques. The fly tying theme this year has been Classical Flies Before 1960.

Tim Mather, club President, welcomed a few new faces to the group who were present for the auction. They all seemed impressed with the nights events and I expect a good turnout for the next club meeting. More on that soon!

March 2015 HFF Meeting photos:

March HFF Meeting Changes UPDATE

Because of some unforeseen issues and Spring Break, the executive committee has decided that it is necessary to reschedule the HFF meeting to Tuesday March 24th. Looking forward to seeing you all at the Colorado Steak House on March 24,  6:00PM, auction at 7:00PM.


P.S. This will give you more time to gather some really good stuff for the auction.”