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HFF February Meeting

The next HFF meeting will be February 18th at the Colorado Steakhouse.   Dinner at 6:00 and the program starts at 7:00.  The program this month will be fly tying.  Several members, who and what exactly to be announced,  will be showing their skill at various techniques and patterns.  As I have in the past asked, cajoled, begged and pleaded, if there is a pattern or technique you would like to see,  let me or Mike Donovan know.  Someone in the club will know how.

On the tying front, we have made arrangements with JLWaters to use some of their space as a location to get together and tie flies, share ideas, and I suppose, bitch about the weather and brag about our fishing prowess.  We will have the space downstairs where the ski shop used to be, it is a nice space and a new wall offers some privacy.   Bring your own stuff and tools. This is also a good opportunity to buy some stuff from JLWaters.  I think it would be a good idea to bring an extra light.  So, see you all Saturday February 8th at 1:00 PM.  I am thinking of tying some simple yet very effective deer hair bugs. This is not a class or demo, just a chance to share.

Warm Water Cronicals
Warm Water Cronicals

I have mentioned the Warm Water Chronicles web site managed by Ian Anderson from Flymasters in Indy.  He is offer a new tying tip every Monday and Tip # 4 is all about dubbing.  Check his website for more Monday Tips. #5 is up now.

The Limp Cobra
The Limp Cobra

This is the best site on the subject of dubbing I have seen with tons of good pictures. Check it out here…

Even more tying information,  Jonathan will be teaching a beginning fly tying class on February 6th at 6:00 PM.   Check with JLWaters for details on Facebook,  JLWaters & Co

See you all at JLWaters on Saturday and Colorado Steakhouse on the 18th.
Stay warm>


Club Meeting February 19, 2013

Tying the Best Flies for One Pound Bluegills

One Cast One Fish Fly
One Cast One Fish Fly

Several club members showed up at The Colorado Steak House for supper, business, the raffle, fly tying, and the IU game on TV.  The food was great, the business good, the raffle a success, the fly tying great and IU beat Michigan State.  The main event of the meeting was the fly tying, of course.  Four members shared their favorite bluegill flies and showed us how to tie them.  Tim Mathers tied an ostrich and peacock herl variant fly called Tim’s Bluegill Treat.  Mike Donovan tied a foam variant of a Predator fly.  Larry Barber tied his all time favorite the Muddler Minnow size #14 in six different variations.  Barry Clarke tied the Suzy Q chenille and rubber leg bluegill killer.   I’m sorry there is not more information on the flies but I am sure any one of the guys will gladly give you the recipe if you ask them nicely.  The pics are for Al since he had the crud and couldn’t be there.  Thanks Paul Brown for taking the pictures.