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January 2019

I hope you all have managed  survive the first thing that really looked like winter this yea the past day or so.

Save the evening of January 22nd for our last HFF meeting at the Colorado Steakhouse. Unfortunately, they are closing on January 31st.  We will really miss this venue. As always eat at 6PM meeting at 7PM.

We are searching for a new venue and will let everyone know as soon as we have settled this.  As always, we are open to your suggestions.

So, in remembrance of the good times we have had there, as previously announced, we will be featuring  some programs from the past. Dick Powell, Mike Donovan, and Barry Clarke will be tying flies. In addition , Kevin Montague will be holding a 3 or 4 item MINI auction, this is just so we can remember his dulcet voice and fast talking skills. No need to bring any items, I will cover this…however, bring some money… Don’t worry, Kevin will be back for the official full fledged auction later this year.

And, if that is not enough, and if I can figure out the technical issues, a brief (three minute) movie, A Summer on Clear Creek, put together by Paul Brown and me a few years ago.