Feb 2019 HFF Meeting – The Search Goes On.

The February meeting went well despite a few minor delays and inconveniences.  Just let me say the fly tying demos by Barry, Paul, and Tim were outstanding! Personally I am glad the search will go on for a new location we can call home.

Let’s emphasize the good! The fly tying demos were great! See a few pictures below.

Barry Clark tied a Garthside Gurgler altered for salt water use and explained how he fishes the Gurgler for Redfish and Snook in Florida. I can see how the oversized Gurgler would work here also for LM Bass, SM Bass, and maybe even Hybrid Stripers.

Paul Brown tied an  articulated Feather Game Changer Fly.  Paul’s  Game Changer, another larger fly, has 5 articulated sections in it tied with hen feathers and flash. Large predator fish would surely gobble this one right up!

Tim Mather tied a no name yet bluegill fly. Tim explained how and why he tied the #10 blue beaded fly the way he did and reported that he has only had one complaint on the fly. You can ask him about that.  As Tim was tying the unnamed fly I heard someone in the crowd utter “One Pound Bluegills”. Could it be true or will the search go on……

A few pictures from the HFF February 2019 Meeting.