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March 2024 HFF Meeting

The next meeting of the Hoosier Fly Fishers will be March 19th.  As always, we will meet at the American Legion on 3rd street. Dinner at 6:00 and th program will start at 7:00.

There are interesting and fun filled events coming up in the near future.  Coming events are:

The April 16th meeting will be the Annual Auction. Once again we are lucky to have Kernal Kevin and his dulcet tones calling the auction. So round up some wonderful outdoor related items to give Kevin something to work with. This will be a good chance to “pass on” some of that stuff you couldn’t do without and replace it with some things you really need. Bring good stuff to sell and a few bucks to spend. It is always a great time.

The thing you should make note of is that the annual picnic will be May 11th. Once again the Clarkes have offered their home on Lake Lemon. We will get started about 11:00. More details to follow…great fun to look forward to food, fishing, and fellowship.

And now the March meeting… The program will be Kyle Swafford talking about legal access to waters in Indiana. This came up during a discussion   about what are navigable waters and where we can and cannot wade and fish. Kyle is researching with current Indiana laws on such matters. This will be informative. 

Also, Kevin Montague will be running us through the best ways to get our fishing stuff in working order so we can fish all these places we will know are legal. We should be all set with clean rods and reels and all the neat stuff we bought at the auction. 

Jasper Osmon will be doing the tying demo for March. I am not sure which pattern he will be tying but am sure that all the materials he will be using will come from JLWaters. I a looking forward to watching Jasper tie and we will have a new fly pattern to fish on the clean rods in the legal waters. This certainly looks like a fun filled and informative meeting.

Looking forward to see you all at the Legion on the 19th. Dinner at 6:00 and the program at 7:00.

Stay warm or cool or dry whatever weather Indiana treats us with this”spring”

See you then and there,


HFF Meeting April 2023

Tax Day has been extended until April 18th.  However, let me make a suggestion for something much more fun…The April meeting of the HFF!!! Hope you all have had a chance to cast a few of those flies you bought at last month’s auction. As always ,we will meet at the Legion, dinner at  6:00 program at 7:00.

The program this month will be a presentation by Howard Webb and Maggie Sullivan- of Friends of Lake Monroe. They will be discussing the sediment issues at Monroe Lake and the causes and cures.  They will be referring to work the HFF has done in the past at Yellowwood Lake.  Larry Barber will give a little background on our work there concerning sediment. These two local bodies of water are most important to our fishing and boating pleasure. A club goal is to stay informed about the conditions of our lakes and to provide help in mitigating problems when possible.

UPDATE: The Auction was a large success. The club was able to donate $400 to both Project Healing Waters and Casting for Recovery from the proceeds of the auction.  The Club also donated $250 to the Legion for the use of the Blue Room and their generous friendship of the Club. The Legion donated the money to the Operation Comfort Warriors.

There will be information about the advanced fly-tying class coming up soon. The list of flies Mike Donovan  has made to be studied is impressive and should cover any fish that swims. The techniques learned to tie these flies will open many fly-tying doors. BTW, those doors tend to lead down rabbit holes.  Larry will have information on the fly rod blanks and hardware the club has available.

We will be treated to a fly-tying demo by Liz Burleson. I am sure you all noted the little beauties she donated to the auction. Now you can learn how to tie these and no Bluegill will be able to refuse your offering.

The May meeting will be the Annual Picnic. Again, the Clarkes have offered their Lake Lemon home for the picnic.  Food, fishing, and fun as usual. Please note the Picnic will be on JUNE 3rd. More information on that coming soon.

Hope to see you all there on April 18th. Use the weather to do a little fishing.

Tight lines, Tim