HFF Meeting February 21, 2023

The February meeting of the HFF is coming up on the 21st. We will meet as usual at the Bloomington American Legion Post with dinner at 6:00 and the program at 7:00. We will have announcements and round table.

Looks like that damn groundhog has worked at helping push good fishing weather back a bit. However, this may well be a good time to put together the fly boxes we will need for those fishing adventures that are just around the bend so to speak. The program this month will be a discussion started by Larry Barber and Mike Donavon about how to organize our fly boxes and what to fill them with according to species you are after and the water type you are headed for.  This seems to be a good opportunity to share your suggested flies for various types of water and species of fish you have had success with in the past and pick up a few good suggestions. Who knows, Larry may even reveal his flies and spots for those one pound Bluegills.

Paul B early wiper
Paul B early wiper

As if this was not enough fun for a great evening, Paul Brown will be tying a Slump Buster fly. This is versatile John Barr pattern for anything that will eat a minnow. This fly is tied with Pine Squirrel zonker strip and a cone head. It will really get down there and wiggle away…I have seen Smallies or Wipers chasing this fly.

There is a schedule change coming up for March. We will be holding the Annual Auction this March rather than the usual April. As usual Kernal Kevin will be exercising his dulcet tones to part us and a few bucks. This year we are going to divide profits from the auction 50/50 with the Healing Waters and Casting for Recovery groups. So, gather up all your very useful fishing and outdoor related items to donate to the auction. And I might add bring a few extra bucks to buy some of the very useful stuff that will be up for sale….

Information on the April meeting will be coming up soon. The May meeting will be the picnic and more information on that coming soon as well.

Hoping to see you all on the 21st at 6:00 dinner and 7:00 meeting.