HFF Meeting March 17, 2020 Postponed

After a good deal of thought and deliberation, the Hoosier Fly Fishers executive committee has come to the conclusion that given the current state of affairs with the Corona Virus we will postpone the March 17th meeting until further notice.  This was not an easy decision; we were all looking forward to Joe Smith’s presentation on Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing. It is our hope that we can reschedule this presentation later in the year. I will keep you informed as to how this change will affect the rest of the year.

Our plan for the rest of the year for the HFF programs is to proceed as planned, with the auction in April and then the picnic sometime in May.  We are working on having Joe Smith present his Program, Healing Waters Fly Fishing, in an early fall meeting.  I know we are all looking forward to this presentation.


About the auction; once again we are indeed fortunate to have our own Kevin “The Voice” as our auctioneer.  Remember, the auction is for fishing and outdoor recreation related items. So…round up all the really good stuff you don’t need and give Kevin something to work his magic with.


Sometime soon JL Waters will be sponsoring Fly Tying Lessons. Larry Barber will fill us in on the lessons at a later date.


Stay tuned for any changes/update in the upcoming programs.


Stay safe and well,