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Fly Tying

Tim Mather
Tim Mather

A reminder that the HFF fly tying demo will be this coming Tuesday, February 27th at the Colorado Steakhouse. We will get started with a bit of diner at 6:00 and then on to the demos/hands-on tying.

We are trying something a little different this time. There will be three tiers each tying a fly pattern and then turning over the materials and tools to someone else to try. This time we will be tying three patterns; a Clouser Deep Minnow, a Wooly Bugger and a Rubber Spider. We have chosen these patterns because they all work well in our local waters and the techniques involved may be applied to many other patterns. For example, I will be tying a Clouser Minnow and will show at least half a dozen patterns variation that employ the basic technique.

We are really looking forward to any and all feedback on these sessions.

We will be doing another session on March 6th, same time same place.

Hope to see you there,


First Meeting of 2018

Good Afternoon and Happy New Year!

The first 2018 meeting of the Hoosier Fly Fishers will be this coming Tuesday January 16th at the Colorado Steakhouse. As always, dinner will be at 6:00 and the program will begin at 7:00.

I am sorry to report that due to unforeseen circumstances, our speaker, Mike Exl, will not be able to make it to the January meeting. I know we were looking forward to his presentation on fishing the Tippecanoe Watershed. We will reschedule as soon as possible.

However, we do have a plan “B”… and a seasonally appropriate plan at that. Larry Barber will lead a roundtable discussion on how to mentally and physically prepare for the coming spring fishing. We are thinking of things like cleaning fly lines, repairing rods and reels, tying some flies, ect. The key here is that it will be a roundtable discussion. Bring ideas and questions. I am interested in what methods you use to fix waders.

Tim Mather and a nice Smallmouth Bass

Hopefully we can  reschedule  Mike Exl to  talk about the Tippecanoe  River System, “Indiana’s Most Diverse Fly Fishing Experience!

Wildcat Creek Outfitters has been guiding the Tippacnoe River since 1996. According to the Nature Conservancy the Tippecanoe River is the 6th most biologically diverse river in North America. The numbers of game species is staggering. Smallmouth Bass are the predominate species we pursue but there are certainly plenty of other critters to keep it interesting.” Also from their site. “…The Tippy gives the angler the opportunity at a truly GIANT fish. Our largest Smallmouth landed is 6lbs 14 ozs.” I want one of those!

I am looking forward to adding this watershed to my summer adventures. Booking a trip from WCO might also be great idea! Wildcat Creek Outfitters

HFF Meetings are open to anyone that has an interest in fly tying or fly fishing. We’re always glad to see new faces as well as a few of the old ones.

Looks like we are in for some winter fun for the next few days. Stay warm and safe. See you all on the 16th.