April HFF Meeting 2019

The  April 16th HFF meeting will be the always exciting auction.  And, once again, we are fortunate to have our own Kevin Montague as the auctioneer! As we continue to look for the ideal new meeting place, this meeting will be held at the West 3rd Street American Legion Hall. Dinner at 6:00 and the Auction will begin at 7:00ish. Time permitting, Mike Donovan will be doing a fly tying demo.

So, your part in the upcoming  meeting is  to bring a half dozen or so outstanding fishing or outdoor activities related items so Kevin has a chance to work his vocal magic. Money from the auction goes toward the Christmas Party and the summer picnic. The HFF also provides funds for various outdoor activity projects as need and ability present themselves.

Speaking of the annual picnic, May 4th 11:00 AM food at 12:3…the picnic this year will again be  at Susie and Barry’s Lake Lemon home. As always, a hardy thanks to Barry and Susie for their generosity. The club will provide burgers and buns, chips and stuff like that, and soft drinks. If you want an “Appropriate Adult Beverage”, that is on you. As is always the case, bring some fishing stuff. Who knows, Lake Lemon may indeed hold some of those elusive 1# Bluegill we hear so much about. For 1# bluegill Larry Barber recommends at least a 8wt rod.

We would like to get some feedback about venues for the fall meetings during the picnic. We are also looking forward to suggestions for venues for the “unofficial” summer meetings.

See you at the auction,