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April Meeting going once, going twice……..

Kernal Kevin
Kernal Kevin working his magic.

The April Hoosier Fly Fishers Meeting was a great success.  Everyone had a good time visiting and telling fish stories as well as welcoming some new faces to the group.  There were several of us old faces there for the fellowship and  a helping of  Steve’s awesome cooking but mostly we were there for the Annual HFF auction of good stuff.  The Annual HFF auction helps to fund the club’s activities and any Environmental Projects we support.   As usual, Kernal Kevin was in good form for the occasion and with his quick wit and humor he managed to auction off tons of good stuff.  Among some of the more popular items were fly tying supplies, fly rods, and fly boxes full of one pound bluegill flies.  Kevin worked hard at clearing the tables full of stuff and when the dust settled he had raised over $600 for the club.  Many thanks Kevin for a job well done and thanks to all the members that brought in all that good stuff!

After the meeting, I was standing in the Colorado Steakhouse parking lot talking with club president TimM about all the one pound bluegill flies he had been tying.  All the good stuff had been loaded and hauled away and all that remained was a small car exiting the parking lot. As the car turned south on College I heard a faint voice say “going once…… going twice…….”

HFF Projects: The HFF Club has purchased 500 trees for the Indiana DNR to plant around Monroe Lake.  The DNR plans to plant the trees the morning of May 21st. Fishing clubs and the Boy Scouts have volunteered to help plant the trees but more help is needed. If you can spend a couple of hours with friends and help with the planting you can contact Rex Waters at the Paynetown Office and let him know you are coming to help. Bring a shovel and meet at Paynetown.  PH: 812-837-9546

The club also purchased some fishing line disposal units to be placed around Monroe Lake. More info soon.

Fish and Lake Report: Fishing has been good pretty much everywhere. We have received good reports from North Carolina, Lake Lemon, Griffy Lake, farm ponds, Monroe Lake and a few local creeks. We have had reports of almost every species of fish being caught on flies. Warmer weather has the fish in a feeding mood, Spring is a great time to fly fish, try it.

Monroe Lake is 5ft high and dropping slow, surface water temperature is hovering around 60 degrees and warmer in the backs of bays. Northern Indiana Reservoirs are at pool or below, expect low flow rates downstream from them, southern reservoirs are high and releasing lots of water, expect high water levels if you fish downstream from them. If you fish below reservoirs or in Indiana streams or rivers you can get water flow rates and levels on the USGS website. You can read historical, recent and real-time water data by clicking on a location in Indiana. Some of the gauges even read real time water temperature.  Check it out here: USGS Water Data for Indiana

March HFF Meeting

The next meeting of the HFF will be March 15 at the Colorado Steakhouse. Dinner will be at 6:00 and the program to begin at 7:00.

The program this month will be a “tie-a-thon” featuring Mike Donovan and Dick Powell  (and perhaps another talented tier). This will be a good opportunity to gather some ideas for patterns and some interesting techniques to get ready for what is going to be a really good year of fishing. I know it is gong to be a good year for fishing, however, the catching part is still to be determined. Dick will be tying several variations of the Matuka Streamer. This is a really neat fly pattern that turns the head of many a Smallie.

The excitement is building for the April 19th meeting! This will be the AUCTION! Once again we are lucky enough to have Kernal Kevin use his fast talk and boundless charm to part us with our hard earned funds. What we need from all of you is lots of good stuff to auction off. While I am sure there will be lots of very desirable items in the auction, if time allows, I will tie a bluegill fly that one caught 6 fish on 7 casts at the annual picnic at Lake Lemon.

Yes the annual picnic is coming up on May 14th. Once again Berry Clarke has generously offered to host the party.  As usual, the club will provide burgers, dogs, buns and chips. We will provide sides. I will bring a chocolate cake to counter all the salads.

See you all on March 15th at the Colorado Steakhouse. As always, dinner will be at 6:00 and the program at 7:00.


Fish Report: Lake Monroe is up over 6ft from normal pool. Fishing is tough from shore now but crappies have been biting. Recent rains have raised the water temperatures up into a range where fish are on the move. Jonathan reports small pond fishing is doing good now. Spring is here.

Go fishing,